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Vallecito - Faya, Colon


Ver tambien Limón, Colon, donde Vallecito es un municipio

Organizacion depredadora/predator: Clan Facussé


Violence Against Indigenous Hondurans Shows Us What Fuels Migration  8/28/2019 Common Dreams: "As Grassroots International’s Solidarity Program Officer for Latin America, I have accompanied and supported the Garifuna and OFRANEH in their struggles for years. Vallecito is sacred for the Garifuna. Although a chronic target for attack, it is also a symbol for reclamation and resistance among the ancestral territory that has been stolen from them. This most recent assault has come after a resurgence of narco-traffickers in the area. For years, narcos had used the Garifuna’s tree cover and easy access to the coast to run drugs — including at one point through a clandestine airstrip. Members of OFRANEH believe drug-runners are now trying to steal back the land Garifuna have been able to reclaim."

Colón: comunidad garífuna de Vallecito, amenazada y en zozobra «por hombres armados»  8/14/2019 Tiempo Digital: "La comunidad garífuna que vive en Vallecito, municipio de Limón, en el departamento de Colón, se siente en riesgo por la presencia constante de hombres armados y denuncian que las autoridades no «hacen nada». La inestabilidad de esta zona se debe a que en años anteriores era un punto estratégico para los narcotraficantes. Sin embargo en 2011, una pista clandestina fue destruida y los habitantes recuperaron el territorio. Pero la paz que habían logrado se está viendo interrumpida desde hace unos meses por la presencia constante de hombres que llegan en motos y automóviles con armas prohibidas como fusiles."

Destrucción de los viveros de coco en Vallecito  7/8/2019 OFRANEH: "A pesar de los esfuerzo realizados por el pueblo Garífuna para recuperar uno de los alimentos básicos de la gastronomía de nuestro pueblo, parece ser que existe un complot entre los vecinos de Vallecito – entre los que se encuentran los heredero de Miguel Facusse- para destruir las plántulas destinadas a repartirse entre las comunidades, las que así eventualmente tendrán viveros con los cuales se iniciaría la replantación a nivel de la costa Garífuna. El pasado viernes, en horas de la noche, parte del vivero de cocos fue destruido por el ganado de algún mal intencionado “vecino”. Cabe señalar que desde años, grupos aliados al crimen organizado han tratado de apoderarse de nuevo de Vallecito, paraje que hasta el 2014 fue utilizado como pista clandestina."

Honduran minority fights for a threatened way of life  8/28/2018 Reuters: "Six years ago, the Honduran settlement of Vallecito was all but abandoned. Now it is a thriving community for the Garifuna minority and the heartland of their fight against what they see as a concerted effort to drive them from their ancestral lands. About 100 people inhabit Vallecito, a cluster of mud-brick bungalows grouped around a pair of imposing temples with tall thatched roofs. It now has a school and will soon launch its own community radio station. Most have moved there in recent years as part of a concerted effort to reclaim Garifuna lands abandoned due to the threat of violence from drug cartels and encroachment by palm oil companies - among them Francisca Arreola."

Danny Glover participating in Garifuna traditional Arumuhani....  1/31/2018 Luther Castillo Harry: "Inédito, solo en Vallecito- Faya con Miriam Miranda y nuestro Pueblo Garifuna. El hermano mayor Danny Glover en el ARUMAHANI Garifuna junto a mi Hermano Vicealcalde de Sacramento y empresario Allen Warren. Achikaplatica chürügü chürügü. Jajajajajajajajaja bello Lindo maravilloso. SUN WAGIA GARINAGU- TODOS SOMOS GARINAGU."

Visita a Vallecito  1/31/2018 OFRANEH: "Entre la delegación de estadounidenses que acompañaban a Luther Castillo Harry y @DannyLGlover se encontraba GusNewport, excalde Berkley. En el vídeo Miriam Miranda explica como fue que el crimen organizado se apropió de Vallecito, situación que implicó una lucha de años para lograr que el Instituto Nacional Agrario (INA) remidiera las tierras de las empresas asociativas, las que habían sido usurpadas en un 80%."

Vallecito Resists, Satuye Lives! The Garífuna Resistance to Honduras’ Charter Cities  9/18/2012 Upside Down World: "The Garífuna drums echo robustly and the people’s fervor rises with the tension in the camp as the tarps sound thunderously as they are jarred to and fro in the gale. It is impossible to distinguish the faint movement of people outside the main tent in the absence of the moon and her stars. Suddenly, out of the darkness that surrounds the encampment like an ocean fog that encroaches silently from afar, enveloping everything in its path, heavily armed men wielding sophisticated weaponry burst onto the scene unleashing a barrage of gunfire above the camp. They arrive mounted in pairs on motorcycles, an act in of itself illegal in Honduras[ii]. They move rapidly from one edge of the camp to the other, relentlessly firing a hairs shot above anything they encounter in their trail. They are uniformed, but not with official police or military uniforms, but well uniformed nonetheless."

Se reanuda el Proceso de Remedición de las Tierras de Vallecito, Colón  9/5/2012 OFRANEH: "Como parte del reclamo del pueblo Garifuna sobre la usurpación de Vallecito, Colón, nuestra organizacion emprendió la semana pasada una jornada cultural y política en el territorio usurpado, que tuvo como ambientación traqueteos constantes de armas automáticas, con el proposito de intimidarnos y disuadir el proceso de remedición prometido en diversas ocasiones por el Instituto Nacional Agrario, I.N.A y que una vez no se llevó a efecto."

URGENT ACTION on Vallecito, from OFRANEH - Process of Land Remediation is Renewed on the Garifuna Lands of Vallecito, Colon  9/4/2012 Quotha: "Any action suffered by the Garifunas will be the responsibility of the paid gunmen of Reinaldo Villalobo and of Miguel Facusse, as well as the government itself." [Facusse is one of the wealthiest men in the country and a large scale drug trafficker.]

Alert: Urgent request for solidarity as Day 2 of Land Recovery begins over the presence of armed men in expensive vehicles  8/28/2012 Honduras Eyewitness: "Since yesterday, many communications have been sent to the current government administration, about the menace and threats directed at the representatives of the Garifuna communties, awaiting the process of land title remediation, of the associative (Garifuna) businesses of Vallecito."

HONDURAS: GARIFUNA LEADER'S HOUSE BURNT DOWN AND SHOTS FIRED  10/20/1999 Garinet: "Tragically, it appears that this struggle has entered a stage of violence, as this past week, the house of one of the Garifuna leaders was set on fire by some type of flame-thrower weapon, and then shots of an automatic weapon were fired into it. The house, which was occupied by the family including children, is in Vallecito, where Garifuna have been living and working in an agricultural cooperative for over 9 years (Nuevo Amanecer). Their land abuts the ever-expanding lands of Facusse, one of the biggest land-owners in the country, who is also a relative to the president. The members of the cooperative have long been subject to invasions of their land and threats, but this escalation into outright violence has everyone fearful of a bloodbath. There is evidence of hired killers."


URGENT: Garifuna Community Under Attack
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