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Tocoa, Colon

Hashtag on Twitter: #guapinol

Río/River: Guapinol, Aguán

Organizacion depredadora/predator: Inversiones Pinares, antes llamada Emco Mining Company

Fuentes:, Fundación San Alonso Rodríguez -, Comité Municipal de Tocoa 


teleSUR: Honduras: minera demanda a 32 defensores
ambientalistas de Guapinol, 22/8/19
Guapinol: Contaminación de la minera, cárcel , torturas y criminalización del Estado  9/16/2019 Paso de animal grande: "La lucha por defensa del Río Guapinol ha dejado como consecuencia la criminalización de los defensores y defensoras de Guapinol, sumando hasta ahora 31 personas a quienes el Ministerio Público les mantiene un expediente penal abierto. De las 31, las primeras 12 personas decidieron presentarse voluntariamente en el mes de febrero, pero fueron enviadas a prisión porque el Ministerio Público a última hora incluyó el delito de Asociación Ilícita. A principios de marzo fueron dejadas en libertad después de varios días que duró la audiencia inicial, pero un juez decretó sobreseimiento definitivo el cual fue apelado por la Fiscalía y aún la Corte de Apelaciones no lo ha resuelto."

La subasta de la biodiversidad en el paraíso de la corrupción y el narcotrafico  9/4/2019 OFRANEH: "El colapso político y moral que se viene dando en Honduras es evidente en medio de la persecución que ha decretado el Estado contra las defensoras y defensores de la madre tierra, quienes vienen siendo aniquilados o encarcelados por el actual régimen. Desde el 2010 al 2017 según Global Witness en honduras ocurrieron alrededor de 120 asesinatos a defensores de la madre tierra, sumando un sinnúmero de procesos judiciales que han llevado a la cárcel a centenares de personas vinculadas a la defensa de los territorios y recursos naturales, que hoy día son objeto de explotación minera o forestal así como cuencas hidrográficas entregadas a inversionistas privados para la construcción de represas hidroeléctricas."

Urgent Update: Guapinol Water Defenders Trial in Honduras  8/29/2019 UUSC: "Our organization, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, strongly condemns the Honduran government’s detention of the activists this week because of their opposition to an illegal mining project that threatens the safety of their community’s drinking water. The activists are part of a grassroots coalition of Honduran community human rights defenders who are fighting to protect the water supplies of Guapinol and 14 neighboring communities. UUSC stands with the water defenders and demands that the Honduran government immediately free the activists and drop its misguided attempt to prosecute and imprison them."

Witness to the struggle of the Guapinol, Honduras Environmental Defenders  3/26/2019 Dominican Sisters: "I have been enormously privileged to witness, to accompany, and to enter into a sense of deep mutual solidarity with the defenders of land and water from the remote village of Guapinol, municipality of Tocoa, Honduras, as they confronted the combined Goliath of big business with their allied politicians who, instead of supporting their just cause, sought to criminalize their protest and thus to silence them. Their sacrifice, their tenacity, the way that so many people and organizations (including from other countries, including four of us from the SHARE Foundation) came together resulted in an amazing victory for the people of Honduras and for all of us. At the same time, this result was a tremendous relief because of the fear establishing of a precedent of the charge of organized crime being applied to acts of protest."

Witness to the struggle of the Guapinol, Honduras Environmental Defenders: Criminalization of Protest, Grass Roots Victory, Challenges of Solidarity  3/20/2019 SHARE: "Back in August of 2012 the Honduran Congress established a national park in the lush tropical Botaderos Mountains, where seven rivers have their source, including the Guapinol River. In December of 2013, Congress modified the park’s extension, removing 537 acres from its core. Inversiones Pinares, a company linked to Facusse family, one of the wealthiest in Honduras, developed plans to strip-mine iron oxide at this same acreage, and did so without the input Honduran law requires from affected communities. By early 2018 the company had bulldozed a broad dirt road deep into the mountains and had removed all vegetation from the mine site. As a result, the formerly pure water of the Guapinol and San Pedro Rivers became contaminated and unusable by the people living downstream."

Guapinol Water Defenders Set Free!  3/5/2019 Inter Religious Task Force: "US officials have repeatedly praised and backed the head of Honduras’ Public Prosecutor’s Office, Attorney General Oscar Chinchilla, who was recently re-elected to the position in an irregular and controversial process. The United States helped to create the Public Prosecutor’s Criminal Investigation Manual that guides the institution’s work and put in place new training. In August 2018, USAID signed an agreement with the Public Prosecutor’s office ‘to enunciate the principles that will guide its efforts’ and the US has trained numerous elements of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The US must also be held responsible for its role in promoting an institution that is clearly and repeatedly criminalizing human rights defenders and enabling impunity for many state actors responsible for violent repression."

Water is Life: The Criminalization of the Water Defenders of Guapinol, Honduras  2/28/2019 UUSC: "The most recent land conflict in the Bajo Aguán region began over eight years ago with the development of a mining project. The company behind the mining project, Inversiones Los Pinales, is also the largest landowner in Honduras; with close ties to the Honduran ruling party, they have previously been linked to attempts to kidnap and intimidate activists as well as bribe officials. The mining project is widely believed to be illegal because there was no community consultation process and it is located inside of Carlos Escaleras, National Park, which contains the source of drinking water for approximately 42,000 people. In 2018, when development of the mine began to contaminate the drinking water for 14 nearby communities, residents of Guapinol erected a “Camp in Defense of Water and Life.” In October 2018, 1,500 Honduran military and police officers violently attacked and evicted the camp."

Honduras: Terrorismo de Estado en Guapinol  10/29/2018 Paso de animal grande: "Hay una situación de pánico colectivo que están viviendo los habitantes de la comunidad de Ceibita y demás aledañas. Los habitantes de las comunidades se levantaron para exigir que la compañía minera Inversiones Los Pinares salga de la zona porque ha causado un irreparable daño a los ríos Guapinol y San Pedro, que constituyen su principal fuente de agua."

The Learning Curve of the Teachers vs. the Honduras Coup  8/23/2009 NarcoNews: "In this tropical banana producing region, the highway blockades of July were of longer duration – some for as long as 60 or 70 consecutive hours – than in other parts of the country (see also Belén Fernández’s related report from the region, Honduras Reports Lack of Towns Named for Oliver North) and faced less interference from repressive forces. “There is more respect here from the police and the Army,” Paz explained, and by respect it’s clear that he means a healthy fear of provoking this population. Colón – like Olancho to the south, and much of eastern Honduras – has a farming and ranching populace many of whom possess weapons for hunting and protection. And while the resistance here, too, is nonviolent, the locals do have a nationwide reputation for self-defense. One of the first and biggest stores one sees upon entering Tocoa, population 53,000, is called “La Armería” – “The Gunshop” - and displays large hand painted images of the weapons and bullets on sale inside. As in the rural regions of the United States, sportsmen are a big part of the culture, as are omnipresent cowboy hats men wear. That this region’s civil resistance has remained pacific is evidence of the self-discipline maintained so far by its movement’s most important sectors."


Guapinol Map — Satellite Images of Guapinol

Fundación San Alonso Rodríguez

Comité Municipal en Defensa de los Bienes Comunes y Públicos, Tocoa



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