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Puerto Castilla, Colon




Las ZEDE y amenaza de relocalización comunidad Garífuna Puerto Castilla
Leave or Die: Neoextractivism and the Garifuna Experience in Honduras  1/23/2019 Society for Cultural Anthropology: "Neoextractivism is Honduras’ favored development strategy. The exploitation and accumulation of common goods in nature has led to the deterioration of the organizational structures, as well as the cultural and spiritual manifestations, of indigenous and black peoples. Under neoextractivism, social policies rely on extractive activity to finance policies that are supposed to promote social well-being for all (North and Grinspun 2016). But today, the indigenous, Garifuna, and peasant communities of Honduras are being criminalized, murdered, and stripped of their ancestral territories, all in what is termed the Honduran “national interest.” Community members are faced with the stark choice to leave or die."

Detención de líder Garífuna Malvin Norales y las presiones de las ZEDE (ciudades modelo) en Puerto Castilla  6/6/2018 OFRANEH: "En horas de la madrugada del día de hoy, fue detenido el líder comunitario Malvin Norales, el que se ha desempeñado de forma valerosa en la defensa del territorio ancestral de la comunidad Garífuna de Puerto Castilla. El territorio de La Puntilla, nombre con el cual se conoce al paraje donde se encuentra localizado Puerto Castilla, tiene una singular historia de despojos y represión, que se agudiza cuando el general Álvarez Martínez, pistola en mano en 1976, obligó a los miembros de la comunidad a ceder la tierra de la Puntilla a la Empresa Nacional Portuaria (EPN)."

One land defender's story of repression, criminalization and arrest: Young Garifuna woman arrested for reclaiming ancestral land  2/8/2017 Aqui Abajo: "On November 11, 2016, Garifuna leader Medalime David Fernandez was arrested and tortured by Honduran police and soldiers from the U.S.-trained navy based in Puerto Castilla. The arrest occurred in the community of Guadalupe, one of six Garifuna communities in northern Honduras in the Trujillo Bay region. At the time, Medalime was being charged with illegal possession of land (usurpation) by Canadian tourist company CARIVIDA. After Medalime was violently detained, the charges were dropped shortly after in a judicial process supported by the Garifuna organization, the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH)… The lands where CARIVIDA hopes to build a resort and villas, was purchased in 2013 by the company’s general manager, Canadian citizen Patrick Daniel Forseth. The lands are located in Guadalupe, the most western Garifuna community on the bay. Guadalupe is located in the municipality of Santa Fe in the department of Colon."

Puerto Castilla, Honduras: Corporate and Military Interests Above Garífuna Community Survival  6/25/2014 Upside Dowwn World: "Six children from the community of Puerto Castilla, Trujillo, suffered severe respiratory damage resulting from an attack carried out on May 23, 2014 by the Honduran National Police, Military Police, and in conjunction with the Operation Xatruch III military unit. Hundreds of tear gas canisters were fired into the community in a haphazard manner as a means of dispersing a peaceful protest. After inundating the town with tear gas, the roughly 500 security force members entered the community, dousing anyone within reach with pepper spray."




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