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OFRANEH - Omar Suazo

Hola amigos, estamos felices de anunciar que OFRANEH y sus colaboradores estarán trabajando en el caso de Omar "Babakle" Suazo. Para aquellos interesados en apoyar los esfuerzos OFRANEH por favor conectarse con

To our friends: we are happy to announce that OFRANEH and their collaborators will be working on the case of Omar "Babakle" Suazo. Thpse interested in supporting the efforts of OFRANEH, please connect with them:

Post from OFRANEH, a Honduran civil rights group, 5/26/17
on the case of Omar Suazo, a Honduran mayor under threats

English Translation, by GarifunaWeb


The president of the Patronato (governing body) of the Garífuna community of Sambo Creek was arrested at dawn on Monday, May 8, and charged with murder by the authorities of La Ceiba. Subsequently a hearing was held on May 12 in which the accusations presented by the Public Ministry were ratified.

The case of Babakle, the name by which Omar Suazo is known in the Garífuna communities, had an enormous impact on the media, which prejudged Omar, who had been vilified both by local authorities and the media because of his implacable opposition to the construction of a hydroelectric dam disguised as an aqueduct, apparently to supply water to the city of La Ceiba.

The lamentable event that took place on the night of December 8, has given rise to a number of conflicting versions of what happened at the Maburo nightclub, resulting in passionate opinions about the facts, which some use to deepen the racism that prevails in the North coast of Honduras.

Given the circumstances, the investigation protocol and scientific testing - which we hope were carried out in accordance with the law - will serve to determine what actually happened, since so far there are diametrically opposed versions by some witnesses.

Both the paraffin glove and the atomic absorption will serve to determine the guilt or innocence of Babakle, who has apparently been convicted in advance by both the media and some municipal officials.

One of the country's greatest weaknesses is in carrying out justice in a truthful way, since both justice officials and security forces have been implicated in a series of blunders that call into question the functioning of the judicial system in the country.

OFRANEH calls for respecting due process, which must be based on scientific evidence, in addition to assessing the versions of impartial eyewitnesses.

Omar Suazo has stood out in recent years as a defender of the commons, especially of the Cuyamel River, around which enormous economic and political interests revolve. That is why we fear he will be condemned ahead of time, without having exhausted the judicial process, thereby facilitating the appropriation of the Cuyamel River by SANAA and the Municipality of La Ceiba.

Sambo Creek, May 26, 2017
Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH)


OFRANEH has considerable experience fighting these kinds of cases, as is seen with their decade long struggle against Randy Jorgensen and friends, the Canadian Porn King who has stolen many Garifuna land holdings.



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