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Luis EnriqueLuis "Negrito" Enrique Gonzalez Garcia (version español)
Robber, murderer, drug vendor, former president of the Sambo Creek Patronato. Friend of the Canadian mafia.

Luis Enrique started his career as someone who wanted to do well. He was a fellow at GOJoven, an organization that deals with the development and mobilization of youth leadership. He is Garifuna and is interested in his culture, he is a Garifuna drum maker.

"Luis Enrique Garcia was 24 years old when he became a GOJoven Fellow and has served as the President of the “patronato,” or city council, of Sambo Creek, a Garifuna village located 20 kilometers east of La Ceiba. An articulate, dynamic and visionary leader of his community, Luis Enrique understands the problems posed to his community by the HIV/AIDS pandemic and is eager to use his knowledge of sexual and reproductive health in order to better address these challenges.". --

But when Luis Enrique Garcia became president of the Sambo Creek Patronato before Omar "Babakle" Suazo, he allowed delinquents to come to Sambo to work with his gang. He embezzled more than L 4 million from the Patronato as president. The elders of the town asked Omar Suazo to put himself as a candidate for the presidency, due to the problems caused by Luis Garcia.

When Wilmer Figueroa, an assistant of Omar Suazo, was killed in 2013 by a shotgun blast to the head from behind, a witness indicated that the authors were part of Luis Enrique Garcia's gang. That same gang sold drugs to the Garinagu in Sambo Creek. One of his distribution points was next to a school.

A favorite saying of Luis Enrique is that Omar Suazo is a fugitive from justice in Boston where he lived a few years before being President of the Patronato. The awards that Omar Suazo received in Boston are not very consistent with that. And why doesn't Luis Enrique call the US Embassy to report it? 

More recently, Luis Enrique joined the Canadians as confidant and informant, selling out his homeland. In particular, he is close to Patrick Forseth, who claims to be a clean, honest businessman while stealing the lands of the Garinagu.

Luis Enrique met on March 20, 2017, with the regional assistant manager of SANAA, the National Autonomous Service of Aqueducts and Sewers, to finalize the theft of Garifuna lands in Sambo Creek for the construction of a dam on the Cuyamel River.

It seems that Luis Enrique is nervous for his future, perhaps a problem of conscience. He tried to travel to the US, but the US embassy denied him a visa, which is unusual given his assets. It could be that they found out about his illegal activities.

Luis Enrique pronounced himself several times against the local community radio station that the police and the government are trying to close. Radio Comunitaria Sugua is a strong defender against dams in Sambo.

Luis Enrique GarciaMiembros de la pandilla de Negrito

These people worked with Luis Enrique Garcia to plan the killing of Wilmer Figueroa:

Omar Marvin Guity
Esteban Guity
Victor Arriola
Victor Córdoba

-- Mike Perez, 8/9/2017

Nota de 9/18/17

After this article came out, his cousin Karla Lalin removed Luis Enrique from her team for the Patronato elections. He had this to say:

I thank many people in my community who maintain their trust in me, and have asked me to take back the leadership of the community, I thank them for that trust, but I tell them on this occasion that I have no intention of joining the patronato, I do not want for some hotheads to question and defame me like some mentally ill leaders who are called honest and are shameless, I am not like those who claim to defend natural resources, and live from the people, mentioning at every moment that they split their chest for the people and live ignoring them, if somebody feels some slime is pure coincidence, soon I will transmit live ok, they will listen to issues that I have held quiet and I think it is time, issues related to the people, because some evil people that pretend to leave me badly presented before the community with lies ok.

Agradesco a muchas personas de mi comunidad que mantienen su confianza en mi, y me han solicitado tomar nuevamente el mando del patronato de la comunidad, les doy las gracias esa confianza, pero les digo en esta ocasion ko tengo ni la minima intencion de formar parte del patronato, no quiero k algunos cabezas caliente me esten cuestionando y difamando como acostumbran algunos lideres enfermos mentales que se llaman onestos y son los simberguenzas, no soy como aquellos que dicen defender los recursos naturales, y viven del pueblo, mencionando a cada momento que se parten el pecho por el pueblo y viven de la icnorancia del mismo, si alguin siente alguna pringa es pura coincidencia, pronto trasmitire en vivo ok, escucharan temas que e callado y creo k ya es tiempo, temas relacionados con el pueblo, porque hay algunos malias que pretenden dejarme mal parado ante la comunidad con mentiras pendientes ok.  --


Pagina Facebook de
Luis Enrique Garcia

Karla Yamireth Lalin
Supervisor, Superior Court of Accounts, La Ceiba, and Candidate for the Presidency of the Board of Sambo Creek.
Cousin of Luis Enrique


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