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Limón, Colon

Familia depredadora/predator:  Clan Facussé

Ver tambien Vallecito, Colon



Felicidades hermano pueblo de Limon se hizo justicia!!  9/20/2019 Comunicador Garifuna, Facebook: "Felicidades hermano pueblo de Limon se hizo justicia!! La votaciones fueron 129 en contra del destacamento militar, contra 18 a favor y dos personas que dicen haber Salvado su voto."

THE GARIFUNA JOURNEY FROM BEQUIA TO ROATAN ISLANDS  6/1/2012 Garifuna Heritage: "Lombardo Lacayo Sambula founded and headed Iseri Lidawamari Movimiento [New Dawn Movement]. It was organized in the early 1990s against Honduras agribusiness mogul, Miguel Facussé, who tried to seize Garifuna land in the Vallecito Limon, Colon territory. He was elected Limon’s mayor from 1994 through 1997. Garinagu considered Lacayo Sambula’s election to be the consolidation of Garinagu’s political activism in Honduras. Isidro Sabio Gonzalez served as the first Garifuna mayor of Trujillo and he held the position as Statewide Supervisor of Education; he also founded Instituto Jose Santos Guardiola [high school] in Roatan, Bay Islands. Abel Gonzalez Caballero was a prolific teacher for more than 30 years and served as the director of Instituto Espiritu Del Siglo in Trujillo. Erasmo Zuñiga Sanbula was a virtuoso in poetry recital, he was well-known as being the founder of OFRANEH. He took part in seizing of the border village of Mocorón under Somoza’s administration in Nicaragua. Fausto Miguel Alvarez Garcia was a teacher with over 30 years in the field of education so much so that he became a pioneer in researching and investigation of the Garifuna culture traveling to every Garifuna settlement in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize. They were Garinagu and not Afro-descendants."


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