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Karla LalinKarla Yamireth Lalin
Supervisor, Superior Court of Accounts, La Ceiba, and Candidate for the Presidency of the Sambo Creek Patronato
Is she betraying her people?

Karla Lalin is Audit Supervisor in the Superior Court of Accounts, La Ceiba, according to her Facebook page. The Tribunal is a Honduran government organization that is like the Treasury Department in the US. and Karla holds a position of authority where she reviews many of the expenses in the province of Atlantida, which includes the garifuna towns of Sambo Creek, Corozal, and others. For the past 6 yeasrs, she has denied Sambo funding for any kind of project.

She has a degree in Public Accountancy and Finance from the UNAH.
She is a Garinfuna who lives in Sambo Creek, Atlantida, Honduras, and runs the Fundacion Manos Abiertas.

Karla is an ally of the people who promote a dam on the Cuyamel River, including the nationalist deputy for Atlantida, Rodolfo "Fito" Irias Navas. They say that this deputy has bought land near the Cuyamel River to take advantage of the theft of Garinagu lands.

Candidate for president of the Sambo Creek Patronato

In the fall of 2017, Karla Lalin became a candidate for president of the Patronato of Sambo Creek, the Sambo governing body, This represents a conflict of interest, as she works for the same government that wants to take Garinagu lands in Sambo and put a dam in the Cuyamel River. She was later "elected" president in a fraudulently held election on 12/16/2017.

Here is her ad, which appeared on October 5, 2017, for elections in December:

The people have the last word
Board of Directors Proposal 2017-2018

Karla Lalin president
Alex Suazo Vice President
Isela Melendez Recording Secretary
Yamileth Escobar Relations Secretary
Orlando Murillo Treasurer
Marcial Martinez Fiscal
Danilo Moncada Vocal I
Wendy Bernardez Vocal II
Oscar orellana Vocal III
Karina Nuñez Vocal IV
Julio Avila Vocal V
advisor Alfredo Lopez.

Campaign proposal, Board of Trustees 2017-2019
1) Diabetic Patient Care Center
2) Children's Park
3) Children's Dining Room
4) Care Center for the elderly
5) Establish partnerships with INFOP so that they can give courses to help our young people develop
6) Creation of micro-enterprises, generation of jobs, housing, health for single mothers
7) Promotion of national and international tourism so that our microentrepreneurs can generate income to sustain their family
8) Permanent cleaning of the streets, cemetery, beach, educational and health centers
9) Repairs so people have access via taxi and mototaxi to the bridge that leads to Louva and the bridges of the cemetery and the east side of the community
10) Permanent support for sports -- Soccer, basketball and volleyball on illuminated courts, make bleachers for fans to enjoy the sport comfortably
11) Support until completion of the lighting project of Colonia el Pedregal
--, from the Facebook page of Wendy Yadira Bernardez, Vocal II in Karla's list.

It should be noted that this does not say anything about the dam on Rio Cuyamel being built by Programa Honduras 20/20.

My partner Andy Petit interviewed Karla Lalin:

Andy Petit: Do you have a biography or something with your ideas about the future of Sambo Creek? Best regards, Andy.

Karla Lalin: Good evening Andy the election process is through secret ballot, if there is something I can put out in relation to the river, the only campaign we have done is to protect the river basins of sambo and cuyamel and carry out a campaign of reforestation

Andy Petit: Important the issue of deforestation. What are your ideas for maintaining the Garinagu lands in the face of the efforts of the Honduras 20/20 Program and Daniel Flores to build the dam?

Karla Lalin: Good morning Andy, I remember that the community is governed by a legal entity where it says that the community assembly is the highest authority. The board only represents them, the community has to decide in the community assembly what project they want for their community, if it affects or benefits the community, those issues are discussed in the assembly.

The idea that a reforestation campaign will solve the problem of a government that wants to take garinagu lands in Sambo is a little suspicious. Where was Karla during the extensive deforestation on the banks of the Cuyamel River, in October 2017? None of the people in Sambo I asked had heard of her position on this subject. Her refusal to answer the question about the objectives of Daniel Flores's dam shows her position well. But since she works for the government, this should not surprise us.

On November 2, Karla put on Facebook that the waters of Sambo are the waters of Honduras, not of any particular person. The waters of Sambo Creek are in territory belonging to the garinagu, not the Honduran state. Following the same argument, was it legal to kill Berta Caceres, because she was against a dam in the Lenca territory?

"Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic says: "The territories located on the mainland within its territorial limits inland waters and islands, islets belong to Honduras" Etc.

The Constitution does not say that the waters of HONDURAS belong to a particular person."


Karla sobre las aguas de Honduras

Her confusion over indigenous rights merits that she stop her election campaign in the Garifuna town of Sambo Creek and take the time to educate herself as a Garifuna and as someone who understands the laws in order to defend her people. She introduces herself as someone who is educated, saying that others are ignorant, but the ignorant person is her and that is a tragedy.

After my article on the gangster Luis Enrique Garcia in GarifunaWeb, Karla removed him from her team for the Patronato, as if Luis Enrique will have nothing to do with her administration. Luis Enrique met with the regional assistant manager of SANAA, on March 20, 2017, to further the construction of the dam on the Cuyamel River, on stolen garinagu lands, in order to take the waters for la Ceiba. And that was a little more than 2 weeks before the assassination attempt of Omar Suazo, on the very morning of which the deforestation of the Cuyamel banks began.

Karla Lalin is a second cousin of Luis Enrique Garcia and has worked closely with him for years.

Feria en Sambo Cruz Verde en Sambo

Karla works well together with Luis Enrique Garcia in his comments on the organization Patronage Pro-Mejoramiento of Sambo Creek, responding at the same minute and second:

Agradecido con la comunidad de San Juan Tela, el Patronato Pro -Mejoramiento de San Juan, y el Patro  8/27/2017 Quang Binh News: "Agradecido con la comunidad de San Juan Tela, el Patronato Pro -Mejoramiento de San Juan, y el Patronato Pro-mejoramiento De Sambo Creek en Nueva York en la ciudad de Nueva York presidido por sus respectivas Pdta Sonia Centeno Clark (San Juan) y Alma Ordóñez de #SamboCreek por haberme dado la oportunidad de Gestionar los fondos de contra parte para la Construcción de Cancha Multideportiva en la Comunidad."

Luis Garcia
27-08-2017, 00:04:29
Total agradecimiento a Thurito Martinez, por ese sincero apoyo alas dos comunidades con ese tan interesante proyecto, especialmente por mi comunidad sambo creek, que de esos proyectos tan istoricos han sido muy pocos o quisas ni unos egecutado en nuestra comunidad en los ultimos ocho años. Un freterno abrazo Thurito.
Karla Lalin
27-08-2017, 00:04:29
Gracias a su acertada gestion Thurito Martinez, que Dios lo continue bendiciendo

Enrique y LalinRecently, Karla
came to the defense of Enrique Garcia regarding my article about him, when young Simon Zapato Jr. sent an email to Enrique Garcia, with reference to a video of his, which Enrique published. On the left below, Karla's comment, taken from Enrique's original publication.

Karla writes as if the presence of a gangster in Sambo in positions of trust does not deserve comment ...

Young Simon Zapata Jr is Karla's nephew and another cousin of Enrique Garcia. It seems that's why Simon says that "I do not argue over Omar's innocence."
He is also quick to cry defamation, a favorite refrain of pro-government forces who know they can always intimidate witnesses in any trial. 

Karla has affirmed that the Better Life Program (, organized by the nationalist president Juan Orlando Hernández) has 60 houses in Sambo Creek that the Sambo Board opposes to give them. These houses are by way of the nationalist deputy Fito Irias. The Patronato affirms that they are not blocking those houses. Karla's partner, Wendy Yadira Bernardez, works as a Coordinator, Family Guide for the Better Life program, and is Vocal II on Karla's list. Wendy is a friend of Luis Enrique and had this to say, supporting a tirade by Luis Enrique, the hidden power behind the Karla Lalin campaign:

Wendy Yadira Oct 2 


With her cousin Luis Enrique Garcia, a friend of the infamous Canadians, Karla may be in a good position to "sell" them Garinagu lands.

Pablo Garcia has eloquently summarized how people within their own community have sold their brothers and sisters out to the highest bidder. They are the false prophets that come bearing gifts.

Karla has a charming habit of threatening those who do not follow her line with retaliation using the power of the government. She did it several times with several people. What will she do if the Nationalists lose power soon? Move to the United States with the mayor of La Ceiba, who already has his street and his bodyguards in Miami?

-- Mike Perez, 2/11/2017


Sambo Creek

Agradecido con la comunidad de San Juan Tela, el Patronato Pro-Mejoramiento de San Juan, y el Patro  8/27/2017 Quang Binh News: "Agradecido con la comunidad de San Juan Tela, el Patronato Pro -Mejoramiento de San Juan, y el Patronato Pro-mejoramiento De Sambo Creek en Nueva York en la ciudad de Nueva York presidido por sus respectivas Pdta Sonia Centeno Clark (San Juan) y Alma Ordóñez de #SamboCreek por haberme dado la oportunidad de Gestionar los fondos de contra parte para la Construcción de Cancha Multideportiva en la Comunidad."

Deforestación extensiva en los bancos del río Cuyamel, octubre de 2017

Luis Enrique Garcia, gangster and  cousin of Karla Lalin



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